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August 22, 2012
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CP: Reizou Mitsuhara (REI) App by littlebabyshoes CP: Reizou Mitsuhara (REI) App by littlebabyshoes
Where are all the GP people....
who wants to joinnnn x'''D shhhdon'tbeshyandnoteme~ or~Eevetta!

I hope this is okay. If it's wrong somewhere, let me know, especially the statistics! I didn't see any info about it and I might have missed it. Hopefully I'll be active in RP groups this time around. \o/

I'm open to RPs, by the way. I'm super super rusty and kind of shy about text RPing. ;;; I'm also super slow, haha. I'd prefer it in the comments below but noting is okay, too~
:iconcielo-paradiso: :iconcielo-paradiso: :iconcielo-paradiso:

Still editing like a loser ;;;

"Pfftehehehe--! Grr, no! Stop that! You're going to get me fired!!"
NAME Mitsuhara, Reizou
), kanji for 'zero'
AGE 18
His real age is 22, but the company reduced it since they'd like to cater him to a teenage audience when he (if ever) debuts in singing.
HEIGHT 5'11" / 180cm
RANK Lower Number ( #11 )

:bulletgreen: Model ( Runway and Advertising )
:bulletgreen: Dancer ( Backup )
* Runway modeling is his forte given it's brevity; photoshoots on the other hand tend to be hit-and-miss
* Wants to debut as a solo artist (singer) one day
* Full-time big brother. No one recognizes him because his disguise is 5-6 noisy children clinging on him while he walks on the street.

BIRD House Sparrow

:bulletgreen: Laughter/Corpsing prone
(Corpsing: (v) (of an actor) to lose control during a performance, e.g. start laughing)
:bulletgreen: Easy-going/Happy-go-lucky
:bulletgreen: Absentminded/Easily distracted
:bulletgreen: Penny pinching mooch
:bulletgreen: Easily Excitable/Amused
:bulletgreen: Slightly impish/naughty natured
:bulletgreen: Everyone's big brother!!
As a model, Rei is expected to portray the ideal man: calm, confident, and fierce, and with a smoldering gaze that flashes to the audience the stormy emotions beneath the stoicism. In actuality, Rei's a bubbly guy full of laughter and sunshine. Adversity and negativity never brings him down (and if it does, not for too long!). He always has room to shoulder the burdens of others, even when his own problems are pushing down on him.

Nice and kindhearted as he is, he's a bit unprofessional for a supposed 'pro'. As a man living in an extremely poor and large household, Rei is mind is constantly preoccupied on his family and his financial situation. He has a lot of difficulty concentrating and staying focused during work, and on top of that he has a terrible habit of mooching for food or change from people. His worst-- and admittedly his most embarrassing-- habit is bursting into laughter over the tiniest things, ruining shoots and scenes and elongating work hours for everyone.

Despite all these faults, Rei is a personable fellow that somehow seems to land consistently on people's good side. His innocent charm, slightly mischievous sense of humor and genuine sincerity disarms people. As someone that has grown up in hardship, Rei never breaks under pressure, and in fact excels when stakes get higher and higher. No one does better when things are on the line. It's only when things go well that his mind wanders over to more immediate concerns.
Boy-next-door kind of guy. Not too good at his job, though. Expect long hours when working with him.
+ All gifts
+ Cooking & Food
+ Overtime
+ Pranks/Jokes/Playful teasing
+ Children. Everyone younger than him falls here as far as he's concerned.
+ Sweets (especially the ones dietitians tell him he can't eat)
+ Harsh, angry, grumpy, unlikable people. He thinks he can crack their hard attitudes with enough love and kindness lol
+ Extreme variety shows. He wants to participate in at least one before he dies.
+ Comedies
+ Crude topics you can't talk about around children

- Being corpsed while working. He gets really tsun and sulky for a while.
- Diets
- Unpaid overtime
- Wasteful people
- Sharing his troubles / Opening up to other people
- All reptiles
- Listening to people brag ("Am I supposed to be impressed that your life is better than perfect? I have work to do...")
- Waking up early / Morning shifts
- Dramas. It hits a little to close to home.
- Being looked down on as "only a pretty face" (even though that's exactly what he is...)
- The following topics: his financial situation, his education, and money (unless it's about a raise)

Reizou's childhood was a normal one. He grew up a carefree and happy child, although his father was hardly ever home because of work and his mother was moody and prone to depression. Because of his mother, since he's youth, taking care of others comes naturally to him. He was the first of many children, with a long period of time in which he lived as an only child in an average household.

As the eldest of 7 siblings with 10 years on the next sibling as well as an absent father and a mother prone to postpartum depression, Reizou learned to play the second father. The economic collapse finally took its toll on the family a year after the birth of Reizou's sibling, and his father lost his job. He found one closer to home, and one after another, the children came. The decline in his family's wealth was apparent with each child borne, and Reizou's rapid transition from an average life to one of poverty has sowed within him an extreme desire for financial stability.

By the time the fourth child in the family had appeared, Reizou had to drop out of high school in order to help his parents with finances, marking the lowest point in his life. Even at his current age, his life is still one of extreme poverty and hardship... but Reizou keeps a bright and positive outlook on the world around him. "Work hard enough, and things will always go your way!"

It was with this mindset that Reizou approached the world. Any job that was available, Reizou seized. Dog walking, janitorial jobs, desk-work, pest control... The art of job hunting became his specialty, because he realized early on that appearance was all that mattered. His awareness for his better-than-average features instilled in him a natural understanding of what looks good and how to look good. Despite having no formal training on modeling, Reizou has managed to procure some amateur modeling jobs, with the ocassional lie in training here and there.

His first step in his career as a GParadise model was a huge misstep, however.

Editing forever. orz why is it getting longer /weep I'll delete stuff later fff

:bulletblack: Rei's strongest asset is his smile. In the stone-faced modeling business, though, no one cares. xD

:bulletblack: Work him like a horse! Rei is a nightmare to instruct because his mind always seems to be elsewhere. It's only when the pressure is on (like when he's threatened with getting fired or when he has to get on stage) that Rei seems to finally act like the G-Paradise-level artist he is.

:bulletblack: Acting is not his strong suit. He has a rather poor memory. He's also not very good at any other role but those similar to real personality because of his proneness to breaking out of character.

:bulletblack: As a poor person, he acts like a poor ​person. He always carries tupperware, mooches off of people for 'train fare', (discretely) swipes toilet paper, and he'll eat a bug for 10 yen... Rei tries to keep this behavior on the down-low especially when he's working, but when the opportunity is too good to pass up, you can't expect him to restrain himself.

:bulletblack: He's better at dancing, but he wants to pursue singing. He believes that offers more opportunities and better pay than dancing and modeling. He's nothing spectacular, though.

:bulletblack: Rei's dream isn't stardom; not in the least bit, so he's disillusioned from visions of fame and fortune. His first and foremost goal is income, in order to provide for his siblings an education and a life he couldn't have. He doesn't particularly hide his overall "Meh"-attitude in the entertainment business, which might ruffle some feathers with more ambitious/stardom-oriented people.


:bulletorange: Younger siblings (NPCs): Predominantly male in the household (5 brothers and 2 sisters total) Reizou's pride and joy. They don't know anything about his job except that he has one. They're all a bunch of troublemakers.
:bulletorange: Aozora Kakeru (G-Paradise's talent scout) "You're too old to be tsundere, jijii!!"
["Kakeru-san" during formal events; "Jijii" just to poke at his buttons]
Since their first meeting, Rei knows Kakeru's just a big tsundere. Rei finds too much amusement in calling him 'old man' to stop, but he also harbors a lot of respect for him. This manifests in random, nameless presents on his desk or annoying messages like, "Today I looked up into the sky and I thought of you -XOXO LOL, JK, it's just Rei. Seriously, though, I love you, old man" and "Guess who (:" and "You can marry my sister. She'll be 18 in 6 years. Hold off marriage until then!! Ganbare!"

Rei thinks a girlfriend will solve all of his problems. Rei also sees him more as a big brother he can annoy than the 'grandpa' he keeps calling him. He adores him because Kakeru's typically cool and composed, and because Rei is capable of scratching that image.
:bulletorange: Sakuya Sakuragi / Odow ❤ (GP's top (#1) idol) "Top Idol-chan! Can I play with you? What game are you playing?"
["Odow-san" in formal events; "Odow-chan~ ❤" or "Top Idol-chan" any other time]
Rei only knows her by name, but he likes her, mostly because she's #1 (which means she's rich...) and also because he wants his sisters to look just like her (moe dolls <3). As the top idol of GP, Rei treats her more gingerly than others, but he doesn't have plans to avoid her or treat her differently. All the gaming and cosplay themes go waaaaay over his head, but he wants to understand her world. A spot at #1 seems lonely, after all. I mean, how many people casually approach such intimidating people anyway?
:bulletorange:Kestrel 'Kes' Miller / TRICKSTER (G-Paradise; Assistant CEO) "Kes!! HOW ARE YOU??"
["TRICKSTER" in places outside of the company; "Kes" any other time]
Buddies even though they don't really understand each other because of the language barrier! They've grown close because of the similarity in professions and often see each other during jobs. Rei adores him since he's the only foreign person he knows, even though he doesn't understand what he says sometimes.
:bulletorange:Haruki Nagato: (GP lower number idol #10)
>v> In progress ohohoho

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